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Overview - Since our inception in 1991, ECE has been a well-respected electronic system and software developer for many Fortune 500 companies as well as numerous smaller companies.
Automotive/Industrial PDF Brochure – This 6-page document describes our embedded solutions and engineering design services for Automotive and Industrial Applications.
Military/Aerospace PDF Brochure – This 6-page document describes our embedded solutions and engineering design services for Military and Aerospace Applications.
Employment  – Find jobs at Electronic Concepts & Engineering, Inc.
Map/Directions – Directions to our facility near Toledo, Ohio.

Electronic Design – Our services include custom electronic design, integrated circuit design, electronic control unit (ECU) design, and ruggedized electronics components.
Software Design – Our services include software engineering for military and aerospace applications.
PCB Design – See why you could contact us if you are looking for a pcb design engineer.
Mechanical Design - ECE selects or designs product enclosures to satisfy the customer’s application and environment.
Environmental - ECE designs, tests, and qualifies products that are exposed to severe environmental and EMI conditions in Military, Automotive, and Industrial applications.
Prototyping - ECE provides a range of assembly, prototyping, and manufacturing of electronics and enclosures.
Additional Services - Additional services provided by ECE include Reliability Analysis, HALT, HASS, FMEA, Thermal, and Human Factors.

Military/Aerospace – A sampling of successful projects including rugged electronics for mission-critical military applications, and aerospace software development.
Automotive/Truck – A sampling of successful automotive electronic design projects, including Engine control units, Transmission control units, and engine control modules.
Industrial/Commercial - A sampling of successful electronics engineering projects, including PCB layout and design, and custom control systems design and mfg.

News & Events
Press Releases - Awards and recognition for ECE’s rugged electronic design projects.
Trade Shows - We exhibit at trade shows in the Military, Aerospace, Automotive, and Industrial fields.

Contact Info
Contact Info – Contact ECE to find out how we can help make your electronics design or software project a success. 
Ohio - ECE serves all of Ohio including: Toledo, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati.
Michigan - ECE serves all of Michigan including: Detroit, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Sterling Heights, and Warren.
Indiana - ECE serves all of Indiana including: Indianapolis, Ft. Wayne, South Bend, and Elkhart.

FADEC Design
ECU Design
RoHS and Obsolescence Redesign
Embedded System Design
Turbine Engine Control Systems
Transmission Control Design
Hybrid Vehicle Controls

SCC Embedded System

Our experienced design team can:

  • Perform a Complete Electronic System Design
  • Perform Control System Modeling
  • Develop or Update Your Embedded Software
  • Update Your Electronic Hardware Design
  • Assist with Product Qualification Testing
  • Assist in Developing System Specifications

Technologies Include:

  • USB
  • 802.11 WiFi
  • CAN J1939
  • Ethernet
  • LCD Touchscreens
  • Bluetooth
  • Actuators and Motors
  • Thermocouples and RTDs
  • Pressure Sensors
  • Accelerometers
  • GPS
  • Cellular