Hybrid Vehicle Controls Design and Development Expertise

Electronic Concepts and Engineering can develop a robust control system for your series or parallel, electric or hydraulic hybrid vehicle. ECE has a strong background in developing systems for military, automotive, and off-road applications and can help you with your prototype or production controller design.

We typically work with you to capture your requirements, then use your hybrid vehicle driveline model, or create one for you, to use to simulate the system for control model development in Matlab and Simulink. We can utilize rapid prototyping to verify the reference model against actual system hardware. Finally, we embed the reference model into either floating point or fixed point target environments.

Hybrid Vehicle Control Expertise

ECE Designs Controllers for Rugged Hybrid Vehicle Applications

ECE has the in-house capabilities to develop your rugged electric or hydraulic hybrid vehicle controller from specification development through production, including electronic design, software design, system modeling and analysis, enclosure design, and verification, validation, and qualification testing.

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