Since 1991, Electronic Concepts and Engineering, Inc. (ECE) has developed, qualified, and produced turbine engine control systems and turbine engine software for military and aerospace systems including UAV, missiles, and drones.

ECE has developed and produced low-cost Digital Engine Controls (DEC) for turbine engines, flight qualified engine monitoring electronics, and turbine engine simulation systems.

Our turbine engine controls are deployed in aerospace and military applications such as:

  • Lockheed Martins – JASSM Missile – propulsion controller
  • General Dynamics M1A2 Tank – Rolls-Royce APU – APU control
  • Daimler Benz – Polyphem Fiber Optic Missile – propulsion controller
  • Fuji Heavy Industries – UAV – propulsion control
  • Lockheed Martin – LOCASS Missile – propulsion control logic
  • Rolls-Royce/Allison – Hybrid Electric Vehicle – engine control
  • US Army Aviation and Missile Command – several applications
  • DARPA – several applications

… to name a few.

Turbine Engine Control Expertise

Turbine Engine Overspeed Monitor

In addition, ECE’s Digital Engine Control systems have been used to control and evaluate several turbine engines made by Hamilton Sundstrand, Teledyne, Rolls-Royce, Technical Directions, Noel Penny, and Allison Engine Company, among others.

Turbine Engine Hardware Expertise

Turbine Engine Hardware-In-the-Loop Simulator

ECE’s extensive experience in turbine engine control system design and development includes:

  • Generating Control System Specifications
  • Control System Modeling and Development
  • Turbine Engine Software Development
  • Electronic Circuitry Design (sensor and actuator interfaces)
  • Real-time Control Software Development
  • Enclosure Design (Ruggedized)
  • Software-Hardware Integration and Bench Testing
  • Controller EMI/Environmental Testing and Qualification
  • System Integration and Engine Test Support

In addition to engine control development, ECE has also developed flight qualified turbine engine monitoring systems and Real-Time Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) engine simulators.  They simulate the operational characteristics of the propulsion system over the flight envelope, thus allowing validation of the engine controller and accessories without performing expensive engine (or flight) testing.

Turbine Engine Control Expertise

Turbine Engine Software

ECE has a top-notch turbine engine software development team. They have developed complete control algorithms and software using automated tools such as MATLAB and have hand-coded turbine engine software also. We evaluate and select the best approach for each application.

ECE is a Veteran Owned, ISO 9001 and AS9000 (Aerospace) registered, Small Business.